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A meditation course that will help you still your mind, calm your nervous system, and master those intrusive thoughts that make you feel even more anxious, so you can live in peace.

When you get to choose how you feel in each moment - no matter what's happened in the past, how other people act, or how chaotic the world is around you- that's true freedom.  

The key to getting there is knowing how to work with the mind and body together. 

It’s not something you learn once, it’s a practice.

This practice will change how you experience life.

The results are real and lasting

  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Deeper sleep consistently
  • Better focus, attention and memory (ie supercharged productivity)
  • More energy and better immune function
  • Stop reacting in emotionally charged situations (shutting down, angry outbursts, or whatever your unique flavor is) and respond with presence and confidence.
  • Ultimately you can reach Ecstatic spiritual states and transcendent bliss… if that’s your thing :). 

Your Journey:

  1. I guide you step by step over the course of 6 modules. Content comes  in the form of videos and downloadable audio meditations (I recommend doing one module a week).
  2. You create a practice that works in your life, with your schedule.
  3. Deepen your meditation practice as we build in new techniques each week. 
  4. Craft your practice so it becomes a habit that you do without even thinking about,  so you will continue the momentum once the course is complete.
  5. You feel more joy, less anxiety, and love being you even more every day 🙂

What makes this practice unique

There are a lot of different meditation techniques out there. Over the last 20 years of meditating daily, and for thousands and thousands of hours, I have learned how to shortcut through the noise of the mind and go deep into stillness consistently. I’ll share with you the method that I’ve found to be the most effective at creating this shift.


Sometimes when we sit with ourselves in stillness, if we are upset or worried about something, mindfulness practices aren’t enough or can even seem to make us spin out even more. 


This course provides tools to work with the more turbulent emotional states and intrusive thoughts. When you apply these practices you can fundamentally shift unhealthy thought patterns and unresourceful emotions at any moment they arise.

That is freedom. 

What other people say...

Don't Just Take Our Word... Hear what our clients say so that you know what kind of results you can count on.

"I’m experiencing greater freedom, ease, and more love. I feel forever changed."


“I was experiencing debilitating anxiety prior to reaching out to Lalita for support. Incredible huge shifts happened through working with Lalita Shree Maa! Together, we transmuted very deep, core patterns that had tentacles in so many facets of my life.  My relationship with anxiety has now totally changed and I'm able to enter a place of deep calm."

- Jen Cody
Executive Coach

"Lalita’s support allows me to confidently develop into the person I want to be."


"Before working with Lalita, I was struggling with maintaining a healthy state-of-mind and would go into deep states of depression.  Lalita made me feel genuinely cared for. she was able to mark out with me a path to follow to take me to a healthier place. Now I feel free."

- Yousef Kira Durrani

"I am a different person today because of the work and support from Lalita."


"The work with Lalita has been beyond profound as I got out of my head and let my body move all the old trauma out. Truly, you are in good hands with her by your side."

- Bree Yatkowitz learning
Learning Development Specialist

"I highly recommend Lalita Shree Maa’s services to anyone who may be feeling stuck in their life"


“I had lost the ability to engage in Life. I knew I wanted to change my life, but change felt impossible. With Lalita Shree Maa’s support, I have been able to make changes to create a healthier life- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

- Lou Ann Denman

"Lalita Maa has an intuition on issues that will pierce right through you with such tenderness."


"Lalita Maa has taught me how liberating true transparency can be. Lalita has always been non-judgemental in her guidance and listening which has allowed me to be more open and honest with myself and others. It is a gift to have her in my life."

- Weslyn Ramaekers

"Lalita Shree Maa helped me find my calm and inner peace."

Tobi Feuter

"Lalita showed me how to communicate with my wife so we both feel heard again. Life feels more energetic and forward-driven. She also gave me a longer-term perspective of my business again, and great hands-on business advice that has made a big difference"

- Tobi Feuter

"Lifelong patterns just fall away."


"Coaching with Lalita has been quantum leaps forward in how I show up as a leader in my life and in my business, and how I’ve really stepped into being more of me.  It has made me a better coach for sure. And a better daughter and a better sibling and a better friend. "

- Megan Riley


"After only a few sessions with Lalita everything shifted for me."

" I was able to release the shock and trauma from a car crash and the intense guilt I was carrying. I could be present, relax and start to enjoy life again.  I cannot say enough about Lalita Shree Maa, her compassion, her commitment, and her dedication to supporting me through the most difficult time of my life."

- Chris Starks
Loan Officer

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