A Live online experiential journey to design the life you love and get un-stuck so you can actually have it. Gain a new level of clarity and freedom so you can have what you really want in your life.



Many young adults find themselves trapped in a cycle of anxiety, addiction, and depression.

They want to be up to something in their lives but there are so many choices, no clear path forward, and they find themselves pulled into the world of endless distractions.

FreedomPath™  helps them break free from destructive habits and past traumas, while establishing healthy practices that cultivate a consistent state of joy and vitality.

From there comes the clarity and support they need to create a career that is aligned with their passion and personality.



Meditation is a proven way to melt away anxiety and stress so you can feel calm and grounded, however the experience can sometimes be challenging. This 6 week course helps you overcome these obstacles and guides you to the peace waiting for you.


Profound Healing

Profound Healing is a 3 day online intensive  designed to help you release the root emotional charges and energetic wounds you’ve been carrying your entire life.

It’s an opportunity to meet your true self—the person you are when you’re 100 percent free to live authentically. On the other side of this release, you’ll feel a deep sense of clarity, confidence, and freedom.

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