Experience Lasting Transformation

Experience Lasting Transformation


ElevateLive is your FREE monthly tune-up for body, mind and soul.

Experience transformative practices that leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Receive individualized guidance from me, Lalita Shree Maa, to help you break through anywhere you feel stuck and bring you to the next level in your life and your consciousness.


 A Live online experiential journey to design the life you love and get un-stuck so you can actually have it. Gain a new level of clarity and freedom so you can have what you really want in your life.

Profound Healing

Profound Healing is a 3 day online intensive  designed to help you release the root emotional charges and energetic wounds you’ve been carrying your entire life.

It’s an opportunity to meet your true self—the person you are when you’re 100 percent free to live authentically. On the other side of this release, you’ll feel a deep sense of clarity, confidence, and freedom.

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