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 A Live, experiential journey to design the life you love, and get un-stuck so you can actually have it

Saturday, August 27th, 11am - 2:30pm MT

We will meet on zoom, but we will NOT be sitting in a chair staring at the computer the whole time. Be prepared to engage in an active, creative process.

The flow of your Journey:

1. Open to what you really want

First we open the channels of creativity. We get into our bodies and out of our analytical minds so the more soulful inspirations come through.

Then we allow ourselves to dream.

I guide you through a specific practice to discover the higher vision for who you want to be and how you want to live - free from the pressure of getting it right, the shoulds, and how to’s.

2. Clear the limiting beliefs that stop you from having what you want

Inevitably, as we vision, all of the things come up that are in the way of us having what we want.

All of the beliefs about why it’s not possible

The ways we aren’t capable

Why circumstances won’t allow it

How other people will respond if we go for it

Emotions and hurt from things that didn’t go well in the past

What we think we should do versus what we truly want

ALL the ways we feel stuck in our lives

We must bring these things to light and work with them or else they subconsciously run the show and keep us stuck.

So we begin the work of dissolving these limiting beliefs and obstacles.

3. Design your path to achieving it

Even when someone knows what they want, most people still won’t take the steps to actually make it happen. They get sucked into old habits, and caught in the busyness and survival mode of daily life.

I will guide you through a process of identifying your next steps and designing the habits that will carry you to realizing your vision. 

This approach is not about adding to your to do list. It's about taking small, strategic actions consistently so the friction and procrastination dissolve. Then one day you realize that you have become the person you want to be, and you are living the reality you imagined.

4. Anchor your vision and magnetize it to you

Up until now, those nonsense beliefs you got from your parents and upbringing about what’s not possible have been subconsciously driving your actions and keeping you stuck.

We have already worked with those limiting beliefs, and now we imprint the new beliefs, new identity, and the new vision you have created of your future deeply into the subconscious mind.

From here forward your carefully designed, new subconscious beliefs drive the show.

Through practices of meditation, breathwork, sound, and visualization we move into deep relaxation and heightened states of consciousness.

We raise our frequency to magnetize the highest expression of our life to us, and crystalize our vision into a living reality.

I intentionally priced this so it's affordable, and I understand that’s relative. Scholarships are available. 

If you really want to attend and don’t have enough money, send an email to [email protected]. Let me know a little about your financial situation, why you would like to be there, and how much you can pay. 

If you want to go further together

After this journey together you will have a new level of clarity and freedom to move towards manifesting what you really want in your life. 

And let’s be real- as you step back into your daily routine and it’s time for you to take those consistent actions towards your goals, at a point you may get stuck. We all do. 

Old traumas or beliefs flood us. We just aren’t doing what we promised ourselves we would. Hard stuff happens in life. Relationships are strained. 

We aren’t designed to do this alone, and it’s really not necessary. 

If you find yourself in that place, reach out. I will help you break through so you continue forward with velocity and truly enjoy your life.


I offer individual and group coaching sessions. 

Book a free call with me if you want to talk about working together.

Here's what some of my clients say

"I’m experiencing greater freedom, ease, and more love. I feel forever changed."


“I was experiencing debilitating anxiety prior to reaching out to Lalita for support. Incredible huge shifts happened through working with Lalita Shree Maa! Together, we transmuted very deep, core patterns that had tentacles in so many facets of my life.  My relationship with anxiety has now totally changed and I'm able to enter a place of deep calm."

- Jen Cody
Executive Coach

"Lalita’s support allows me to confidently develop into the person I want to be."


"Before working with Lalita, I was struggling with maintaining a healthy state-of-mind and would go into deep states of depression.  Lalita made me feel genuinely cared for. she was able to mark out with me a path to follow to take me to a healthier place. Now I feel free."

- Yousef Kira Durrani

"I am a different person today because of the work and support from Lalita."


"The work with Lalita has been beyond profound as I got out of my head and let my body move all the old trauma out. Truly, you are in good hands with her by your side."

- Bree Yatkowitz learning
Learning Development Specialist

"I highly recommend Lalita Shree Maa’s services to anyone who may be feeling stuck in their life"


“I had lost the ability to engage in Life. I knew I wanted to change my life, but change felt impossible. With Lalita Shree Maa’s support, I have been able to make changes to create a healthier life- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

- Lou Ann Denman

"Lalita Maa has an intuition on issues that will pierce right through you with such tenderness."


"Lalita Maa has taught me how liberating true transparency can be. Lalita has always been non-judgemental in her guidance and listening which has allowed me to be more open and honest with myself and others. It is a gift to have her in my life."

- Weslyn Ramaekers

"Lalita Shree Maa helped me find my calm and inner peace."

Tobi Feuter

"Lalita showed me how to communicate with my wife so we both feel heard again. Life feels more energetic and forward-driven. She also gave me a longer-term perspective of my business again, and great hands-on business advice that has made a big difference"

- Tobi Feuter

"Lifelong patterns just fall away."


"Coaching with Lalita has been quantum leaps forward in how I show up as a leader in my life and in my business, and how I’ve really stepped into being more of me.  It has made me a better coach for sure. And a better daughter and a better sibling and a better friend. "

- Megan Riley


"After only a few sessions with Lalita everything shifted for me."

" I was able to release the shock and trauma from a car crash and the intense guilt I was carrying. I could be present, relax and start to enjoy life again.  I cannot say enough about Lalita Shree Maa, her compassion, her commitment, and her dedication to supporting me through the most difficult time of my life."

- Chris Starks
Loan Officer

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