Live in Peace.  

Embody Your Light.

Suffering doesn’t need to be a daily occurrence in your life. I offer coaching and training that will guide you to become completely present and peaceful every day, no matter what is happening around you.

How to Stop Overthinking

Learn the 3 steps to calm your racing mind and release the anxiety, stress, and worry that comes with it. Use this 3 min practice any time, anywhere to instantly move into a calm, clear state of being. Join Lalita Shree Maa in this FREE video training. 

You Don't Have to Struggle Alone.

Peace Can Be a Constant in Your Life.

Let's Work Together to Get There.


Personal Sessions

Whether you need help managing your stress & anxiety, you’re struggling to break free from unhealthy habits, or  you're wanting to move to the next level in your spiritual journey, I can help.  Sessions with me are forward focused and tailored to your needs.


Meditation Course

Meditation is a proven way to melt away anxiety and stress so you can feel calm and grounded, however the experience can sometimes be challenging. This 6 week meditation course helps you overcome these obstacles and guides you to the peace waiting for you.

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Ancient Mantras for the Soul 

Uplift your vibration and clean your mind, as you bathe in the healing power of ancient Mantras. Sign up to get notified when Lalita Shree Maa's new album is released. Coming December 2020.

What Some of My Students & Clients Say

"Coaching with Lalita has been quantum leaps forward in how I show up as a leader in my life and in my business, and how I’ve really stepped into being more of me.  Lifelong patterns just fall away. It has made me a better coach for sure. And a better daughter and a better sibling and a better friend. "

Megan Riley

"After 10 sessions with Lalita, I successfully quit smoking, and our sessions together helped me address the underlying motive for the addiction.  Needless to say that within Lalita‘s wise, tender and professional care, I am now watching myself standing up again stronger than ever before. "

Noelle Feuter-Stahel

" After only a few sessions with Lalita everything shifted for me. I was able to release the shock and trauma from a car crash and the intense guilt I was carrying. I could be present, relax and start to enjoy life again.  I cannot say enough about Lalita Shree Maa, her compassion, her commitment, and her dedication to supporting me through the most difficult time of my life."

Christ Starks

"The work with Lalita has been beyond profound as I got out of my head and let my body move all the old trauma out. Truly, you are in good hands with her by your side. I am a different person today because of the work and support from Lalita."

Bree Yatkowitz

"I was in awe of the energy and space Lalita created for this event I attended in Co Clare, Ireland. I cannot begin to describe patterns, emotions and energies that I "undressed" from during this time and space with Lalita."


"Listening to Lalita’s magnificent meditation with breathing practices, accompanied by the handpan, brought me into a state of profound peace."

Françoise Peeters