Is Your Nervous System Holding Your Mind Hostage?

Simple Tools To Reduce Anxiety And Calm The Mind

Recently a good friend of mine admitted to me what she thinks of as her “dirty little secret.”

She’s been a part of my spiritual community even longer than I have, more than 21 years. And she spends time every day in spiritual practice.

But she confessed to me that she can’t meditate.

When she sits to practice, her mind runs around in circles. She keeps thinking of everything she needs to do, or just did. Her workaround? She listens to guided meditations or says mantras, anything to keep her mind occupied.

But almost never does she just sit in stillness… even though she really wants to.

Let me be clear: there is absolutely nothing for my friend to be ashamed of. So many people I know have similar issues.

In fact, I know plenty of people who don’t even attempt to meditate for the same reason.

For these folks, stillness seems unthinkable. Stopping for even a minute turns up the volume on anxiety. All those regrets and resentments from the past and fears about the future get so much louder. Not much fun.

On the surface, these two kinds of people seem really different.

But they have the same underlying imbalance.

When your mind is racing, the problem can actually be rooted in an overly-activated nervous system. Overblown thoughts are just the symptom.

Fortunately, for most people this situation has some fairly simple solutions.

Whether you struggle with debilitating anxiety, you can’t get your thoughts to slow down, or you just want to access deeper stillness and calm in your life, learning to change the state of your nervous system is key.

In the video I’m sharing with this post, I have some practical tools you can use to quickly shift your nervous system into a state of quiet.

These techniques work–whether you want to become a better meditator, or you just want to improve your everyday life.

After all, stillness and inner quiet bring peace and fulfillment. You can’t find true joy or contentment anywhere but inside yourself.

If you want more of that in your life, I encourage you sign up for this free class.

I share simple tools you can use right now to regulate your nervous system and build calm into your daily life. I will also guide you through a deep practice that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

These tools have made such a difference in my own life, and for my clients, so I know firsthand they can help you.

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